Business Portraits – Avon Metals MD

Business Headshots for Gloucestershire Company
Business Headshots in Gloucestershire
January 1, 2017
Steven Munnock CEO Avon Metals

Steven Munnock CEO Avon Metals

Big CEO Intervew - Steven Munnock CEO Avon Speciality Metals

These images were to illustrate an editorial feature about the CEO of a Gloucester precious metals recycling company needed to show him in interesting environments that reflect the business. With less than an hour to light and shoot in 3 locations using the precious metal ingots as a prop and the scrap grabber, ingot store and the foundary as backdrops.

Setting up lighting enables more dramatic images even in the middle of the day and means more flattering lighting can be added to even the least photogenic interiors to lift them or draw attention towards the main subject of the pictures..

The article was being used both online and in a printed spread requiring a variety of locations for the portraits showing how the scrap precious metal arrives and is process through the business before becoming gleaming ingots.

The images were shot for Cotswold Life Business & Professional Magazine.

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