Professional Headshots & Business Portraits

Relaxed and confident professional headshots for business & social media

I shoot professional headshots for business, linkedin profile pictures / social media and for corporate profiles - From individuals or small teams through to large groups, in a style to fit your corporate brand. I also shoot environmental business portraits reflecting the personality of the sitter and offering more of an insight into the business of the company - Perfect for editorial features, corporate reports and case studies.

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I also shoot corporate photography for annual reports & brochures as well as PR photography for businesses

"I have worked with Rob on many occasions (he has taken business headshot photos for us and covered many of our events) and I have no hesitation in recommending him. He is able to put people at ease, makes the whole process relaxed and enjoyable and his photographs are always high quality."

Jo Draper - Quolux

Corporate Headshots at Birmingham Conference
Contempory high contrast Black & White Headshots with blur

Professional Headshot Photography Pricing

With over 25 years experience as a working photographer I offer a range of professional headshots, branding and CEO portrait sessions for individuals, small & medium teams, boards / director groups as well as staff headshots in large group sessions - Perfect for corporate websites, business profiles, linkedin, PR and social media.

Pricing is based on shooting on location at your office, events and conferences or at one of my pop up headshot days. I can provide bespoke quotes specific to a clients needs, staff numbers and advise on backgrounds and style - including matching existing headshot styles if required.

Individual headshot session - £150 ... 30 minute individual shoot perfect for linkedin, updating your professional business and social media image - online preview gallery, 12 finished images, up to 2 backgrounds / locations & 2 outfits - requires 30 mins set up (included in fee).

Individual branding, portrait & headshot session - £200 ... 90 minute individual shoot includes editorial "CEO" style business portrait session for corporate / personal branding images as well as headshots - perfect for sending to magazines for feature pieces, personal brand building as well as headshots for updating your professional business and social media image - includes online preview gallery, 24 finished images, multiple backgrounds / locations & outfit changes - requires 30 mins set up (included in fee).

Partnership session - £150 ... 30 minute shoot for up to 3 people (10 minute sittings) - online preview gallery, 3-4 finished images per sitter, option of two different backgrounds - requires 30 mins set up (included in fee).

Team / board headshot session - £200 ... 90 mins photography shooting up to 9 people (10 minute sittings) - online preview gallery, 3-4 finished images per sitter, option of two different backgrounds - requires 30 mins set up (included in fee).

Half Day Corporate headshot session - £300 ... Half day session (4 hours) shooting up to 20 staff with 10 minute sittings option of two different backgrounds, 2-3 finished images per sitter - requires 30 mins set up beforehand (included in fee).

All Day Corporate headshot session - £600 ... All day session (8 hours) shooting up to up to 40 staff with 10 minute sittings with the same background, 2-3 finished images per sitter - requires 30 mins set up (included in fee).

Double quick staff headshots / conference headshots ... If you have difficulty getting big staff groups together - With only an opportunity at meetings / conferences or tight time frames eg. before their standard work hours ... I also offer quicker headshot sittings with a more "school photo" approach and speed while still achieving a consistent corporate quality. Good results can still be achieved IF properly organised with the client - Clear pre-shoot instructions for staff to be on time and by maintaining a constant stream of people. Headshots still require the same amount of post production editing time (included in fees) so they are charged at the same per head basis - eg. 20 headshots shot in 1-2 hours (normally takes half day) is £300 or 40 headshots shot in 2-4 hours (normally takes full day) is £600.

NB. Discounted rates apply if added to or part of a standard day of photography or conference coverage.

I use a flexible, compact and mobile studio setup including various softboxes for flattering lighting allowing headshots to be taken on location at clients offices, at a conference or corporate events using the minimum of space - Corners of boardrooms, small offices and even corridors can be utilised.

I offer a variety of styles from traditional with soft flattering lighting to more contemporary styles with more dynamic lighting. Choose from the classic clean white background, plain grey and darker backgrounds or shooting in your office, business environment or outside for a more natural look ... see recent headshots
"I can't recommend Rob highly enough. He did a session for me for my profile shot and as well as producing superb results, he was charming and helpful as well as thoroughly professional. He came to my house with his portable studio and after setting up and putting me at ease, he took a huge variety of shots ... Great photographer, great service."

David Cullen

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