Construction Company Headshots in Oxford

Management Team Corporate Headshots in Kent
Corporate Headshots in Kent
Staff Headshots for Social Media
London Staff Headshots for Social Media
Construction management team

Construction management team

Construction industry management team & headshots

The brief for this shoot required management group shots and various headshots on location at the clients construction site in Oxford.

Using three locations within the site to shoot alternatives of both the group shots and individual headshots - Providing two choices of headshots with neutral corporate backgrounds and two construction specific backgrounds for the management team headshots and various poses.

The most important thing for the client was to make the most of the limited time with the management team to get images suitable not only for corporate use but for PR use in construction press including not only various group shots and conventional corporate headshots but the individual headshots in PPE on a construction site and some more creative "action" shots of them looking more dynamic on site.


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