Professional Headshots & Business Portraits

Relaxed and confident headshots for social media & corporate profiles

I shoot professional headshots for business, linkedin profile pictures / social media and for corporate profiles - From individuals or small teams through to large groups, in a style to fit your corporate brand. I also shoot environmental business portraits reflecting the personality of the sitter and offering more of an insight into the business of the company - Perfect for features, corporate reports and case studies.

I also shoot corporate photography for annual reports & brochures as well as Trade shows, AGM's & Conferences

I use a compact and mobile studio setup including octoboxes for flattering lighting allowing headshots to be taken on location at clients offices, at a conference or corporate events using the minimum of space - Corners of boardrooms, corridors and even small offices can be utilised for a tempory headshot studio.

I offer a variety of styles from traditional with soft flattering lighting to more contemporary styles with more dynamic lighting. Choose from the classic clean white background, grey and darker backgrounds or shooting in your office environment, business or outside can be arranged.